GUNROX 1.31 for Windows 10


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  • Publisher:  Enkord
  • Category:  Strategy
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GUNROX is a very addictive turn-based tactical game, entirely dedicated to games sieciowych.Zasady game strikingly similar to everything that we know titles such as Jagged Alliance, Falout Tactics or Silent Storm. Just like there, you control a group of people whose job is to eliminate any form of hostile and in one piece at the same time make it to the end of the game. A very important thing for all of the soldiers is that they have the points move, zużywanymi during the course of operations (move, opening the door, raising arms, change weapons or such treatment), therefore caution should be taken any decision, because only renew points in the next round. While the above games troops spent the command may consist of a large group of people with so much in this case, was put at our disposal were only three. Each character we create at the beginning of the first game, stating his or her gender and appearance (not in any way affect the conduct of the battle). Created by our warriors will accompany us for the rest, advancing to the next level. Since it GUNROX game whose purpose is duel conducted through the network, our opponents will be other players, leading to similar to our warehouses. Interestingly, the game allows you to fight with the player who holds the characters with the same level of experience (at least in the initial phases of play). Thus, by choosing an opponent start the game. Initially, our team has only the most basic models of guns, but in the course of exploration maps, surely we can find a much more effective toys that go for victory in the inventory in the next game. There is no point to dwell on the principles prevailing in the world of the game, as our native language is not it strange because no player should not have any problems with the proper functioning in this environment. Everything is well explained here, to this GUNROX has clearly and exhaustively thorough, albeit short turtorial. Images which are used in this program, a dash and a color manga style. Each weapon and armor they use the characters is displayed during the game. Such attention to detail is undeniably a major advantage of the power cable. Finally, there is one very important thing, and so to start playing, you must set up a free account that allows you to appear when installing the window. See you on the battlefield. Minimum Requirements: Processor: not specified RAM: Graphics card not available: not available free disk space: unknown Sound card: not available